iTunes 10 icons

The new iTunes 10 icon got you feeling blue? Well, I’ve created 10 different styles for your favorite music player. I’ve also included another one of my speed drawings showing the process.

New iTunes 10 icons

As many others I wasn’t too pleased with the new iTunes 10 icon introduced by Apple last week. If you don’t like something, it’s in your own power to change it, which is why I sat down and made a set of icons i felt resonated more with my idea and use of iTunes.

Making the Icons

I enjoy doing these speed drawings, showing the process of creating and detailing something like this. So here’s another video for you guys, complete with tea making as tradition dictates.


These things come in both Round and Square versions. You can grab the set over at the downloads section. Hope you enjoy these, i had a lot of fun making them. Take care and keep having fun.

Comes in both Round & Square versions