Jay Leno uses Outside

In the opening monologue of the Tonight show the 23rd of March, Jay Leno talks about having “Spring on his iPhone” in an app where he can see how the weather looks like Outside.

While he can’t say it directly, It’s quite obvious that he’s referring to Outside App, swiping gestures and all. We’ll obviously never know for sure but being mentioned, even by concept, on the Tonight Show is pretty amazing. It marks a milestone in achievements and tells us again that the idea and execution behind Outside was just right. No matter what this leads to, it’s a pad on the back from mainstream media.

Check out the site, play the video

Spread some Spring

We totally agree with Jay Leno that it’s ‘perfect’ and everyone should see spring on their iPhone so we’ve created a site to share that message. Head over to Getoutsideonyouriphone.com and check out Jay Leno talking about Outside. Please help spread the word on twitter, let’s get some Spring on those iPhones ;)


Hopefully Spring will come quickly in Copenhagen. Happy Easter everyone.