My New Travel Blog, Fly Sleepy

I’m really psyched to cut the red ribbon on my brand new travel blog called Fly Sleepy. This is a place for me to share messages from the trail, dashes of inspiration and pictures from my camera.

Fly Sleepy, a travel blog by Michael Flarup

I’m a pretty busy guy. Over the past year i’ve quit my day job, gone freelance, started two companies and worked high and low on expanding my career and generally just involving myself in all the things i love doing. Well, except for one thing.

Privileged Traveler

Ever since i was a little kid i’ve had the privilege of traveling all over the world. With parents in the Airline industry (the data sector, mind you) i’ve slept in Airports and boarded last call flights with chance tickets. I’ve traveled on jump seats and seen more beaches than most people my age.


Why a travel blog?

I wanted a place to share messages from the trail and pictures from my camera and so Fly Sleepy came about. It’s supposed to be a more casual & personal vein of updates than Pixelresort, a way to stay in contact with Family & Friends and the rest of the community when i’m on the road.

So if you’re up for a little more casual stream of updates, i’d love to share my travel experiences with you. Head over to Fly Sleepy, sign up for the RSS feed and get a dash of sunshine.


If you have a travel blog or thoughts on this, please share them in the comments below. I’d love to start reading and sharing more experiences from the road, that way we always have a little excitement in our screen-ridden days. Here’s to more traveling and more sharing.

From a rustic bungalow in Krabi with shabby internet,

Michael Flarup