New App Icon Template

Ever since the new iPad launch people have been asking me to update my aging smart object based app icon template. They want the new Retina sizes they say. Well here’s the new version 2.0 with more than they asked for. It even got it’s own little website.

Made a tiny website so it’s easy to share with your peers.

For people unfamiliar with my original template, this is what it does in bullet point format:

★ Quickly render all sizes by editing a single Smart Object
★ Includes vector textures that you can build on
★ Exporting made easy with the bundled actions
★ Shows you a mockup of how the icon will look in the store and on your home screen

If you still have questions, I urge you to read my article accompanying the original app icon template, as it explains all of this in more detail – or just head over to where I’ve included a short ‘How-to’ and FAQ.

A new sleeker layout, easier to understand, easier to work with.

Like with my old template, a raised finger of caution for those who feel tempted to automate the entire process. This resource makes it easy to quickly render a concept across all the various sizes, and while i’ve spend hours on getting it as precise as possible, you probably want to customize the smaller sizes yourself to get that pixel perfection we’re always looking for. There’s a couple of things that go on ‘behind the scenes’ like a masked sharpening of the smaller sizes. This might not be a good idea for every design. It does make your average icon slightly more crisp, but can also breed some antialiasing issues – if you find yourself having issues, just switch off the smart filters for the affected icons.

A group for app icons

I thought it would be fun to create a group with shots of app icons made with the template – if enough people chip in, we could have a pool of inspiring images, heck we could even print a book one day. So if you’ve used this template please don’t be shy and add your pictures to this flickr group.

Add your icons to this flickr group!

Go forth and kick ass

So head over to and get the updated app icon template. Hopefully it’ll make your life drafting and rendering icons a little easier.