Portfolio Update

If you’d only watched the Pixelresort website this past year, you’d be inclined to think that 2012 was a slow year. Nothing could be further from the truth. Infact, 2012 was so exciting that i completely neglected to create content, or more importantly, update the portfolio. Let’s rectify that.

Lots of new stuff in the portfolio

So i sat down today and did what any industrious designer ought to do from time to time; updated my portfolio. If you take a glance through the portfolio section I’m sure you’ll find a couple of new things in there. It’s by no means an extensive library of all my work, and it probably never will be. I’ve removed a few things, brushed up a couple of outdated items and added in a good handful of projects that I’ve worked on in 2012. All in all i believe the new portfolio now better illustrates a slice of my current work and the direction i want to take in 2013.

Places like dribbble gives a pretty good insight into current projects I’m working on, and it’s easy to think that those sites can replace the notion of a seperate portfolio. I do however think, that it’s important to keep a place where you control the entire experience and where you get to present your work in an environment of your construction. There’s something about a well crafted portfolio that, to a much larger extent, allows you to present a consistent style – imbuing your viewers with a better understanding of your craft.


This past year has been fantastic, I launched a popular resource, I’ve honed my skills on a lot of freelance projects and Robocat has kept me busy with a multitude of challenges. We finished a new game and won awards! We also launched Televised, which had a completely different set of trials where i got to try my hand at After Effects and 3D video production.

101 Airborne won an award for ‘Best Design’ at the Danish App Awards

No, 2012 has been all but slow. Hopefully 2013 will offer just as many interesting projects and challenges, and with a newly updated portfolio i feel more ready than ever to take it on.