Prints for Sale

A few weeks back i made a poster for my office based on the classic WW2-propaganda-phrase-turned-meme “Keep Calm & Carry On”. I’ve really been enjoying it and i thought that maybe someone else would too – so i’ve opened up a small print shop.

The original idea for remixing this tired internet classic with the mac spinner actually started way back in 2010 after another 4am photoshop crash. It took 2 years and a wallpaper to get this thing to the printer, but when i did i was overwhelmed with response.

Marble of Doom, Beachball, Pizza Wheel, Rainbow Ball of Death, now you can hang it on your wall

Print is not my strong suit, but that’s what makes it exciting. There’s something about the tangibility of a real physical product that’s so far removed from the sort of stuff most of us ‘screen designers’ do everyday. That makes this a wonderfully unexplored territory, and one that comes with the spoils of actually getting a real life product that you can hang on your wall.

Shortly after putting the Beachball variant of the Keep Calm poster up for sale, i had a few iOS developers ask me if i could do an Xcode themed version. So i set out to recreate my own version of the Xcode icon and a week later i had two posters in the tiny store.

Developers demanded their own version of the poster

Society6 has made it super easy for people like me to open up a store and sell actual physical products, that’s really empowering for a single creative who might not have time to take care of the logistics of printing and shipping these items worldwide.

A close up shot of my interpretation of the Xcode icon

Lately i’ve been buying designer prints left and right, there’s simply so much great art out there by really talented people. I’m frankly humbled that someone might have something I created hanging on their wall.

Check out the store over at Society6 and hit me up on twitter and let me know what you’d like to see in there. I’m certainly hoping to do more Prints in the future.