Welcome to Pixelresort V4

After more than a year in the making, i’m excited to welcome everyone to the fourth version of Pixelresort, a cleaner and more vibrant experience.

Lots of stuff has happened since i pushed out the 3rd iteration of pixelresort more than 2 years ago. My career has matured and i’m now running two companies that have survived past their two year-old birthdays. So i felt it was time for Pixelresort to reflect that change and in many ways better accommodate how i use this site.

A cleaner look

One of the main goals of this redesign was to create a cleaner more airy feel, i wanted to have a less contained site with more emphasiz on images and text. I feel that i’ve taken the Pixelresort brand in a new and exciting direction without completely throwing away the heritage from the 3 previous versions of the site. In many ways the new logo and the rest of the visual identity is an evolution of how i’ve always felt about the site but with a much sharper edge. Pixelresort is a one-man design company, and while i don’t think there’s ever a fear that it’s going to get too corporate, i wanted to make it easier for clients to see my work and get a hold of me.

The new portfolio

One of the most important things for a freelancing designer is to have a current portfolio thats reflecting your skills and ambitions wrapped up in projects that you’re proud to showcase. Alot can happen in a few years and to say that my old portfolio was outdated would be a severe understatement. That’s why one of the driving factors of this redesign was to create a place where i would have plenty of room to highlight selected projects and give potential clients an idea of what sort of work i deliver these days. My new portfolio does exactly that, and i’m happy to finally have a place i can refer people to.

Onwards and upwards

I’ve always had a ton of plans for Pixelresort, but over the years i’ve had to realize that with the amount of projects i’m involved in this will never be a site with weekly updates. Getting to terms with that and designing it so that it’s a perfect anchor point for my company, sharing resources, showcasing my work and giving people a way to reach me was a major part of this design. I’m hoping that i’ve created something that will carry this tiny one-man design company into the next couple of years and help me grow as a designer.

I hope you like the new surroundings. Please drop me an email if you have any comments.