Xmas Wallpaper ’09

I wasn’t going to do a Christmas wallpaper this year but peer pressure got the best of me *shakes fist at twitter followers* so here’s a new icy, yet cosy holiday wallpaper for 2009.

What’s this? What’s this?

This years Christmas wallpaper is modeled after our Cabin in the Swedish woods. People who’ve been there should recognize this charming swedish-styled yellow house, sitting on a hill overlooking the river. I’m celebrating Christmas with the family up there, so i found it fitting to make it the motif for this years wallpaper.

This Years Xmas wallpaper sports some pretty nifty details

Alot of attention to detail in this years wallpaper. It’s always a balance between how much you put in there and how messy it will make your desktop look. I’ve tried to hit that balance with all the details centered in the middle giving you the zen-like space you’ll need for your actual desktop in the outer regions.

Enjoying the view
A shed with a pile of firewood

The Making Of

So this year, i wanted to add something extra. I’ve created a timelapse’ish video of the process of making the wallpaper. Alot of tracing work went into getting the cabin just right. Spend the better part of the day putting the wallpaper together, this video fastforwards you through the process. Probably around 7 photoshop hours and 5 pots of Oolong in there.

Making the Xmas Wallpaper ’09 from Michael Flarup on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoyed the video. Between waiting for Outside to be approved by Apple and Sleeping on a floor in China December just seems to have vanished into thin air. With this wallpaper i’m slowly getting in the holiday spirit. Download the wallpaper by clicking the big ass picture below.

The Xmas wallpaper 2009

Spread the seasons greetings on twitter. Thank you for all the support through the year. Merry christmas everyone.