I create interfaces, icons and logos

Below is a selection of my work. Looking for a designer?


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Thermo is a small iPhone app i did with Robocat, it's a simple approach to weather. A classic iron thermometer in a rich interface with attention to lighting, texture and tactility.

101 Airborne

A 10 man team got together in the spring of 2012 and dreamed up a classic retro top-scroller like we know them from the good old days. This would later become 101 Airborne, a game that was more than 8 months in the making and won multiple awards for its aesthetics. I had the fine honor of leading the creative team and crafting the interface and branding.
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I produced a series of illustrational app & interface icons for the guys at MyCityWay. My job was to conceptualize and illustrate various destinations and activities and render them in a warm and friendly style.


Approaching icons from the more photo realistic angle can create some spectacular results. While still retaining illustrational qualities, giving extra care and attention to lighting and textures can be a real eye catcher.


Sometimes a lighthearted illustration is more approachable. Be it a mascot, a logo or an iconset, vivid colors and bold strokes are a great way to add charm and personality.


Outside was the first app we did at Robocat. It's a visual weather forecast that let’s you explore your local weather by swiping through a varied and engaging scenery. The philosophy behind the design was to make the information available through a charming universe with vivid ambiance and a lighthearted and fun art direction.


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After a couple of years of freelancing and agency work i co-founded an app development studio which we named Robocat. As the lead designer there i’m in charge of every pixel we push out, including both app- & webdesign, branding and identity. Visiting The robocat site and seeing our portfolio of apps gives a good sense of the sort of work i do there.

Our new apartment

After getting our dream apartment in the heart of Copenhagen i drew the old building that it's located in. A wonderful Frederiksberg villa from 1850.