Designing For Fun

Early 2014 I was contacted by Drew Wilson. He asked me if I wanted to come to Valio Con in San Diego to give a presentation. I talked about a topic that’s very dear to me; Fun.
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Portfolio Update

If you’d only watched the Pixelresort website this past year, you’d be inclined to think that 2012 had been a slow year. Nothing could be further from the truth. Infact, 2012 was so exciting that i completely neglected to create content, or more importantly, update the portfolio. Let’s rectify that.

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Updated App Icon Template

New App Icon Template

Ever since the new iPad launch people have been asking me to update my aging smart object based app icon template. They want the new Retina sizes they say. Well here’s the new version 2.0 with more than they asked for. It even got it’s own little website.

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Prints for Sale

A few weeks back i made a poster for my office based on the classic WW2-propaganda-phrase-turned-meme “Keep Calm & Carry On“. I’ve really been enjoying it and i thought that maybe someone else would too – so i’ve opened up a small print shop.

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App Icon Template

After more than 10k downloads of my old app icon template and countless of requests for an update, i’ve put together an app icon template that should make your icon endeavors on the iOS platform easier.

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