Started in 2007, Pixelresort is the studio of Danish designer Michael Flarup.

Through this one-man agency he has been delivering icons, logos, illustrations and interface designs to everyone from small indie developers to some of the biggest brands in the industry. Michael is a profilic creator. Today you’ll find him running his game studio Northplay, building resources, writing, making videos or speaking at conferences around the world while getting involved in as many side projects he can manage while being a dad.

Behind most of what he does is a deep love for the craft of graphic design. The old school of pixel pushing. The intersection between art and utility.

Through more than a decade and a half, Pixelresort has remained Michael's main creative outlet for graphic design. A shop where clients, big and small, can employ his signature vibrant and playful visual style.

He's also not super into writing about himself in the 3rd person, but it does give it all a more official vibe.

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