App Icon Template

After more than 10k downloads of my old app icon template and countless of requests for an update, i’ve put together an app icon template that should make your icon endeavors on the iOS platform easier.

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iTunes 10 icons

The new iTunes 10 icon got you feeling blue? Well, I’ve created 10 different styles for your favorite music player. I’ve also included another one of my speed drawings showing the process.

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Jay Leno uses Outside

In the opening monologue of the Tonight show the 23rd of March, Jay Leno talks about having “Spring on his iPhone” in an app where he can see how the weather looks like Outside.

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A Designers New Year’s Resolution

As we slide into a new decade what better time is there to take stock of your career and set some goals for the coming year? Here’s a few of my New Year’s Resolutions. I feel they might be quite universal for many graphic designers out there.

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How and When to use Pictograms

Pictograms are quickly becoming an iconic fad, but they’ve been around since the dawn of time. What are they? What are they good for? Why are they so trendy and should we be worried? All this and more, in what i suspect will be the longest article on icons you’ll read today.

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Outside now Available!

My own, very first iPhone app just got on the App store! Outside combines current weather and local forecasts with custom push notifications. It’s reinventing the weather forecast!
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Xmas Wallpaper ’09

I wasn’t going to do a Christmas wallpaper this year but peer pressure got the best of me *shakes fist at twitter followers* so here’s a new icy, yet cosy holiday wallpaper for 2009.
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I Quit my Day job

I recently took a choice that i think many designers are faced with at one point or another; the jump from fulltime employment to a self sustained career. I’ll try to put my thoughts into words here, who knows, perhaps it will spark the minds of people with the same aspirations.
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